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Welcome to ZeredaGames Home page.

What We Do

We at Zereda Games, truly enjoy game development. The popular program, Unity, makes creating applications easy, but it has a massive learning curve, which we recognize will overwhelm some people. Our goal is to fast track this learning curve, so people can, in turn, learn to create and sell their assets. This will build a vast library of codes to help everyone create a better Unity Community (asset library) for building their own games and applications.

We have many assets to choose from:

- A vast collection of very descriptive examples on how to, and how NOT to, use Unity code. (also where code is acceptable and where is it thought to be unwise)

- Tutorials on how to build, maintain, and get the most out a PC,

- Videos with Tips and tricks on specific Platforms and Tasks,

- Place to find resources, not only for Unity, but other useful products as well,

- hundreds of links to other websites for many types of PC related "Assets".

Look around our website, we're sure you'll be happy working with all the tools and utilities we have to offer.

There are many features pertaining to Unity and Programming Utilities alike thru our Quick-Links page.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact ZeredaGames @zeredagamesProject on Facebook


Our Contact page

More About Us


Change Logs

Future Goals For This Company

All of our data strives to work with the newest Unity versions, and will provide tutorials for others who would like to expand upon Unity. Furthermore, we constantly see people asking about books on 'Unity Answers' and why their code isn't working with it, we want to provide an alternative to these books as Unity updates multiple times per month. This renders a book obsolete in most cases (If your book provides a program to use with it, please use those. If it does say Unity, which version? Otherwise it will state where books code is used and acceptable) For other Unity options, click here.

- In the future, Zereda Games will reach out globally.

- We strongly believe in a "lead by example" mindset.

- We will still be doing as much work as any other "Employee / Partner", who wants to join in this undertaking.

- We don't want Employee's / Partner's to feel either used, or under-appreciated in their work.

- We here at Zereda Games, like to be thought of as equals, rather than the dirt at one's feet. We're in a new age now, the age of the internet, so let's use it to our advantage and thrive!

- We believe all people need a good uplift from time to time and public recognition for outstanding work.

- We will keep you up to date with the newest ways to use Unity, and we also post developer updates. We make it simple and all in one place for you to explore.

- Furthermore, No one likes a miserable boss / partner, Work should be enjoyed and not dreaded. This leads to rewards, and a better work environment and ethic.

We hope to see you again!

Bookmark if you like is the goal behind us, and so developers can find Local Developers info


Resources for their projects with ease.

If you are here for some of my scripts, them please all I ask is to credit me in your build(s).

If you are here for the tutorial's, and read the blog's, thank you for using Us as your first go too Resource Dock.

A Special thanks to all of whom, that have participated in this project,

and allow me you add your content here, for others to see!

To any and all Family and Friend's, I

thank you all for you support and dealing with all my shenanigan's.

Feel free to share

Want to help?

Easiest way to contact me is through Facebook directly on the zeredagameProject page.