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Project Write-Up Page

ZG Core Scripts (Temp)

Other Idea's I've Got

About Udemy

Teacher Appreciation

About Us

    Hello, My name is Thamas, {Pronounced tamis} I've been building a large resource for people to use with Unity, of various versions, for a number of years. Mostly for myself, but the site is becoming something a bit more than just that now, and a shift is starting to happen. It's become far more useful tool then I could have ever imagined!

<-- If you would like to know more about my current project,

check out the links to the left of this write-up.

     From my current knowledge, C# is the only language that seems to be supported in the newest version of Unity (from what I have been told), where Java and C# were choices before on previous versions. To learn more why they deprecated, check out their Blog here.

I've loved every minute of my journey so far. (even through all the ups and downs)

"Time is precious and one should not waste it."

"The school system of today is broken, the internet is our future of learning."

~Thamas Bell

The Idea started here

       I started coding when I was in a workplace accident. I was working for a company installing/replacing sewer and water mains. Work was slow, so they had me at a family friend's place to demolish a barn. First task was to remove all the old rotten hay out of the top floor before pushing it over with the hoe. While doing the removal, I fell through the rotten hatch door and fell between 8 ~ 10 feet.

I was then off work for a number of weeks. I tried to go back to work, but my back wasn't quite right. I decided to teach myself to modify games, and make servers. I never went back to work for them.

I always wanted to do game modifications, but I found, no one wanted to play the games I was changing. I wound up playing alone 85% of the time and this would lead me on a path searching for alternative things to do.

Learning to write code in C#

and Javascript

[Javascript - Deprecated in Unity 2018+]

I'll start by saying, YouTube advertisements are annoying, but effective. I kept seeing this young Asian man with glasses, who was in most, (if not all) videos I was watching. He was talking about a course on a website called Udemy, asking "Do you want to learn to code and don't know where to start?" I probably skipped a 1000 times, but one day, I decided to watch it. I was still off work from my fall injury, so an online course from home sounded pretty cool.

It was kind of up my ally.

I opened the hyperlink and it brought me right into the Udemy site to the course I ended up buying. "Unity Complete Development 2D/3D: Learn to make game by writing code" and what do you know! The course was on sale!!!!, $19.99 CAN for 85 hours of video tutorials taught by real teachers in a work at your own pace environment.. I thought, If this is for real, this is Awesome! It was, little did I know the learning curve to follow.... Designing websites, Coding Games / Applications, etc.

The idea to follow, was to make a useful resource location that I could access online, while beginning to learn Unity.

Furthermore I could advertise my skills and have fun doing it. If I found it useful to me, others might too. After visiting and playing around, I found the prices were reasonable, the site was easy to navigate, and boy, was the website building easy.

Vistaprint has it's limitations though. There is no way to make it "Modern", so you get the result of a Flat Website. (Not my biggest concern right now I need Usability, Functionality and Data)

A little bit more about the course

     I started the course and dived right in, by day 3 I had 4 sections finished, I was mooovin. But... I did eventually get hung up on some things. I was getting wrong answers on the tests, so I felt "Maybe I'm missing something here. I'm clearly not absorbing all this info.."

I started asking people if they wanted to join, (in my home town) and learn this with me, to get another person's opinion and outlook. I had a friend living with me at the time, but he was unable to fully grasp it, and became frustrated, not long after starting. This turned out to be a good thing though because by the time I had gotten him interested, I had made it a pretty good way through the course. He and I started right at the beginning again and I found that I was sort of teaching him and I felt like I should keep going. He grew too frustrated and didn't continue, but I thought, if I'm grasping it and achieving more then the classes are offering, then this may be what I'd like to do.

I continued on for the next 3 ~ 5 years making things here and there when I had extra time.

What's Next?

Until this year (2018 ~ 19) I didn't do much with the site. It sat dead and dormant on the web for a number of years. Then, in October 2018, when I got accepted on EI for the first time since my injury, I decided "it's go time!"

I then exerted myself to the Unity Answers page looking to see if I had absorbed anything, to get corrected, and to learn more.

Most of my 9 courses are Entry Level and I've been doing them on and off for 4 years now.

(Currently, I just found a sale on Zenva for $25 USD that contains 24 courses valued at 1100 USD.. it would be a new code language and engine to learn on but.. knowledge is knowledge! I have yet to delve deeper into this and would love feedback if anyone has completed this or tried it)

Want to help?

Contact us though our Company Facebook page, the Contact Page or the Blog's page.

The new focus is to help those in need and be redirected to either the correct answers page, local resource, written tutorial, valid video tutorial, for your specific Unity version needs. We are going to continue to have video tutorials as we find fit. We will be adding as many written tutorials as we can in the "W S T" section during the winter months. We have enjoyed working with Unity for a number of years and plan to continue to do so. They make it easy to build apps on your own but Do have a fairly large learning curve starting out. They also release a few times new versions each month, each with new content on each build.

To see all the different available version and their release dates Click Here.

NOTE: If you are looking for services to build your app, we are NOT the place for that, BUT I do have a good location to refer you to. Chaw Tech Solutions can handle all of those needs.

Click here more info.

Final notes to the public.

This site was originally design for practice and persona-use/enjoyment.

During the winter month's I'll be working on this in full force, but come spring / summer / fall I'm a Park Facility Operator in the BC area.

My site is going though some large changes, and may look differently in the following weeks, detailed change log will be provided throughout the building process.