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January 20 2019

Posted on 23 February, 2019 at 10:05

Will Be using this page (As regularly as I can) To update you all on where the project sits, any new added features, and changed, all uploads links to test builds, Release info, all of it. Any credits will be added here for a base time line and reference for building the credits page on final build.


Ball really started rolling yesterday when I got my first Musician on board with the project, and when I actively started seeking other participants.


Below is whats completed thus far, First post will be long as no one knows about anything that is completed to date, i promise most future post won't be nearly as long.


Future posts will only have what I changed and/or added, no repeats are needed.


Here an update on the project:


-Company name: This started from a really old gamer tag i got when i was young -> pre-given to me by the game 'Tibia' and was the first char I ever created in any game with an auto generated name feature, Zereda Erian was the name, and the word Zereda always stuck as like my personal name Thamas was always available anywhere I tried to use it as a username. Eventually when I got into coding when iI fell, nearly broke my back, and was off work for almost a year, I decided while I was on EI to learn to code. I got the idea from a youtube ad about Udemy courses online. I decided after seeing the ad 5 times to check it out. thats when i found a course call 'Learn to build games by making code' i bought it because it was on sale for 19.99 regular199.99 (or so it said)

and I started from there, From there my whole world of ideas opened up and it was exciting. the learning curve is large, and hard to grasp, but the courses helped with that anxiety pretty well. Computers have always been my forte and this seemed to suit me perfectly, During the course I decided to reuse my gamer tag yet again and this time just added Games to the end of it because then it sounded like a company that works on games specific things. I was satisfied with the name, and its stuck ever since


-Company logo is something a made a few years ago when i first got started, it turned out well and I use it everywhere i can ;), Followed a simple tutorial online so my logo Is similar but also very different from my teachers. his was solid lime green, exactc same shape but different letters (CR for cezar) in the circle and with a different font.


-Splash Screen 1: ZeredaGames Company Logo,


-Splash Screen 2: Custom UnityEngine Logo,


-Splash Screen 3: Blender 3D Modeling program Logo,


-Splash Screen 4: Play store and Facebook Integration Logos,


-Intro Video Scene: everything is set up just needs a video to play that references the game. When usere moved mouse, or taps screen on device, it moves to click to load scene.


-Click to load Scene: everything set up for either a video or an image to display, when user clicks, it loads the home screen,


-Home screen: Has a game-select button, options button, about button, and application quit button, When user is akf for 3 min it auto loads the video scene again to be used as a screen saver option. Options panel is an object that get activated when pressing the options button. on this object it had buttons for all setting used across all games, and each game will have an options page with more options specific to that game. about panel works the same for using, all it shows is a text object that you can scroll up and down to read and its where I'll be placing all my credits for participate, licensing, and asset purchase info. so if you are one of those people that's where you will find either your direct name or a user tag (your choice)


-Game select scene: Basic functionality is there, nothing final, button for each included game is there, each has an image and a text on the button, when button is pressed a panel will open and display a preview of the game (video) a play button (and a play online button if game has an online mode) and a close button to close the panel to select a different game,


-Block Breaker: everything is just temporary placeholders but All functions are working and project is complete scripting wise,


-Laser defender: Like Block breaker scripting is complete, more levels and such need to be created plus i want to add a few new features like a character selection scene, and a scores page (This would be accessible from home screen and would have tab buttons for each game that uses a score card)


-Glitch Garden: Mostly complete coding, minor bug fix's required and levels created,


-Drag racer V4(dvr3 clone): most game states all seem to navigate correctly, Race scenes not implemented and car lists haven't not been created. basic char creation and new game set up and continue saved game features seem to work as expected. to have the players owned car's list tested i need to create cars to buy (at each dealer[about 40 brands included in code])

-Driving simulator: (Noname yet) Still just in the idea's stage nothing created other then a start page placholder


-Pokemon World:

Precoded Game Objects: 746 moves created + all sounds, 785 items created,

810 pokemon (half the coding complete),

Asset sounds for cry up to Dex: 649, missing 650 to 810, Asset Sprites for front male, back male, front female, back female, in normal, shiny, Alolan, and Mega forms. have all alolan and mega, normal and shiny only to 649,

have all overworld images for up to Dex 649,

have all 810 icon images,

total pokemon count should be = 3240 for normal and shiny Male & females + 48 alolans Male & females + 34 megas Male & females

-Map started only 3 cities and 3 routes complete out of 400+


-Virtual bowling: coming up in course havn't got there yet


-Zombie Runner: coming up in course havn't got there yet


-Engine horsepower calculator I build myself through hours of researching engine calculations. some minor adjustments could still be made. Would like to add this to the race simulator game in a way so i can use it to build the engines and calculate HP and torque from the mods on the cars in game. i feel a lot of the functions in it will be needed in a racing style game.


And much more to come as I follow along these course. If anyone has small (or large) games they think would be good to incorporate into the build with full credit going to you, and the only credit I'd take was compiling the two packs together.


I'll leave it there for today, and update you when i have enough completed to update you all with


Take care,


Thamas Bell @ ZeredaGames

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