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January 31 2019

Posted on 23 February, 2019 at 10:15

Well Havn't been on in a few day's, been uber busy with grandparents and doctors, also have been restructuring my projects. Again. This time im making an engine that controls everything, not just a package of games. reading up on whats to come in Unity Development is exciting, but aggravating. As i learn how to do one thing it's already obsolete and has a new way of doing it. Now its to do with multiplayer applications. They are removing P2P support and creating a whole new system for online multiplayer. P2p support will be available until 2022, but some time this year they will be releasing the new system and focusing on Dedicated servers. This may be a good thing i'm not sure as of yet, thought i should let you all know. that if we do get up and running on old system a whole rewrite will be in the future.(within the next 3 years) We would have to merge over to the new system.


In the last couple of days i have set up :

Email for ZeredaGames & Co.,

Google Play Developer ZeredaGames & Co.,

Unity Developer Account For ZeredaGames & Co.


On Dev Account:


Made a Main Package linking UnityEngine with Developer account to use new Collaboration feature so i can upload whole package to the web for any participants to download an up to date version of pack, also update anything you change as-well.

*Note: With that being said for that to be an option, i have to link your email to the Dev account and make you either a manager, or a user. i can add 2 (for free) more people, any more cost money, but haven't looked into that much further.

Got a permanent GUID for the whole project,

Set Up all other setting within dev account that are applicable. (This is where i found info on P2P Networking)

to read from within the engine you will need to have in each script a namespace of: "ZeredaGamesEngine.Core.Libraries.Games.{GameName}.Scripts"

This way i can link all the games together with web info do version checking, and more. Also, i can link and manage all the In App Purchases aka IAP's within 1 account so all profits/losses goes thought the business account via UnityDevelopmentAccount.Accounting section.


This was needed to be all set up before i can link any google play IAPs to the core.


-Updated to the newest unity, (Unity 2018 3.3.f1), breaking all my previously made games, (not scripts though only assets and scenes and some resources broke and need to be fixed), All this will need to be redone, but the scripting portion has been completed, organization is still being done before rebuilding anything.

-Took a look at a professional built "Engine" for Oxide as its open source and it made me realize I could organize a tad better, most wasn't bad, but it made me realize i needed a bunch of stuff i still am missing and need to write. (mostly online stuff, aka server, server console, remote console, sql implementation, Config control, database for online static prefabs (scripts)) and the other things like encryption, version control, assembly building, Saved project Settings, Saved Unity Layout Presets, Dependencies, Creating a DLL pack, soo much i need to do still, good thing im not on a time limit ;)

-I wrote out a my own Version Controller,

-Premade folders and sub folders for most of the scripts i have created thus far. I'm still importing and re-namespacing them all in accordance of the file folder names.

-Compiled all my resources how i want them to stay, (ones that i have anyway), Also Asset resources File Locations have been made but not necessarily all are in uses via editor's at this time.

-Checked out some new unity assets, and a lot of new features. (I had 2018 2.16f1 before and many many others) This has by far the biggest update yet. Everything has been cleaned up and organized far better then any previous version, managing your projects and uploading them have never been easier with the collaboration system revision (i never really used this feature on older versions), and an asset store package manager is a breeze to use. Getting new Unity Packs that is compatible with the newest version of unity is right there at your fingertips with no compromising lag. Asset store is now only used for packages made by other unity users.(and all old unity packs of course)

*Last not on new unity lol, Did check out the new HDR preview pack, and wow, complete control of all camera settings via post processing stack, and it updates in real time via the "Run in edit mode" attribute. You can make some really beautiful looking scenes with it. I'll buy the World Generator pack for $185 when im ready for a bigger 3d game and use its a professional award winning bundle and i'd use the HDR pack to make it look even better.


Well, that's enough rambling for today.

Chow for now,

Thamas Bell @ Zereda Games

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