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Febuary 24 2019

Posted on 25 February, 2019 at 2:05

So Ive not updated you guys much via a story in a while. Ive been super busy in a number of different places. My site I've laid out in such a way that it is easy to use and navigate. Thing's I haven't touched what-so-ever are the old tutorial pages. not my main focus. Getting the website cleaned up spell checked, better grammar, and layout at this time are my main focus. My site may not be the most professionally put together site, but like i have stated this is a resource site mostly for me, and anyone who I work with will be able to pass around data easily and not so public and only to those who follow. My site Is public, but traffic is quite low. This is to be expected, as the site for many years was more or less a stale project. Since my first idea, many things have changed and been adjusted. details through the site. My focus now is mainly to get this pack to a sellable state and then post it, market it, and sell it. While it's selling all on it's own the next stage will begin. I'm not 100% on where that will be, but I'd like it to be in the realm of large amounts of smaller packages, to keep funding the company. If i start to turn a profit per month, then I'll apply for an actual business license buy Unity pro, purchase a handful of my favored expensive packs on the asset store [$50-450 range.] and start building a full sized 3D game. Over the years, I've written up dozens of idea's for things to do, and I'll most likely be tapping into that folder to get a refreshment on idea's I've had. Some idea's are pages long worth of data, just didn't know at the time how to do it all. Still trying to decide how I'm going to do the tutorials page layout's just yet, as my previous idea was sort of a bust, and i cannot use that write-up here, because the website builder doesn't allow me to do "Code Blocking" and any of the HTML features you find on a regular forum. I've looked into how to do a custom HTML forums page for your website. but when i past that code into an HTML module box, it doesn't work. All the data is there, But..... All the spaces and tabs are removed, and the lettering is black like the background. and I'm unsure how to code in the GUI colors just yet. This may change, I have not look That much into it, i had other things to work on rather then fight with something I didn't understand. That's another day's task. As you have seen on FB I've swapped everything over here, I haven't done one of these in a while mainly because I've been constantly updating the change log page so if all else fail's you can check that. I've been working on this daily for about 5 day's straight now, changed many things about what I was and am going to do, how I'm going to do it and so forth. Some of my posts were ambitious thought's before doing more research. So I've turned this site into a much more useful resource hub linking hundreds of sites together from one source. This in turn should help a lot of people find alternatives to what it is that are trying to archive. My main focus as I'm sure you have noticed is the Program I base off of right now, Unity. I've found some interesting new courses, I'd like to check out, and may purchase really soon before the price jumps again. Current prices are 15 bucks each. It sure would be cool that after another 4-5 year's that I may too be an instructor on one of these sites. I've got nothing to hide, I try and be as honest as possible, and lately been trying too work on my communication skills and social anxiety. I've Not disclosed any information about me, personal and or otherwise, I've been very open with my views and left that rest of the thinking up to you. Oh... !! I got some great news BTW!!



ReacTj said I can promote his music in my products, and of course the obvious, cannot sell for profit without recognition of the artists. This brings the total to 2 major musical talents to the project at hand. I've have stated that, if i do make a well enough profit, for those who got me where I am will not be forgotten some sort of donation will follow. Detailed, written statements will all be on here via text to reference back on Somewhere, weather it be in the change logs and or blog posts. Currently everything I've done for the community/world has all been free of charge and is volunteer work. I like giving back to those in need, helping, and I'm not sure the best way to do that at times, so I use my skills and knowledge to do the best of my abilities when and where I can. I try and be respectful of peoples opinion's, and try my darnndest not to judge people. It has been a crazy month, frantically trying to get Something achieved before my Ei term is up and am forced to go back to work for the bigger corporations. Luckily though, I have a pretty good chance of going back to parks this summer come April. In the case that I Must go back to work, I'll do what I can, when I can. I'll return in full force once again come fall. If i can find other way's before that time to make enough money to live, I can focus on this full time. Ive tried a number of different things over the last 3-4 years, non seem to make me enough money to not work for someone else. This frustrates me coming close to 30, and I really do Not wanna go work at the rigs.. I see no enjoyment fearing of any day being my last because of my job. I was always told growing up that, "If you can find something you truly enjoy doing , you never work another day in your life." I believe that, work IMO is something you dread but get paid to do it. Living life to it's fullest is when you are able to do something enjoy doing it and be able to do what you want when you want. Of course within reason and legalities LOL.



It's a shame my previous post was deleted by FB by clicking the wrong button...>.< and i don't remember what it was all about as when i wrote it up it was all fresh in my head. Now however, my site *the way I'm currently posting the blogs* has a auto-saving feature to help prevent such an issue, also there isn't a bunch of ways to post a comment there is one way and one way only.. and that's 'Post Blog' when you're finished or 'Save As Draft' if you are not done and need to leave the page. I can hit the enter key without posting when I'm not ready too, Way better then FB. I've got spell check and a bunch of options just like any other text editor or email settings for text.... Awesome right? That's the biggest reason as to why I swapped everything over. Plus now I can just use FB to redirect ppl to my site instead, thus boosting traffic and bumping me up in the google search engine. I can keep track of all my data in a far easier manner, add new pages, modify text colors sized and what-have-you's. I like it far better then a predetermined page of data aka a template.



Anyway. that's a wrap for now.Talk to all you folks later.



Thamas Bell @ ZeredaGames & Co.

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