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Arg, frustrated..

Posted on 26 February, 2019 at 5:05

- [Rant] I get unplugged or kicked off on the regular so they can watch a "movie... I'm working, tying to get a business going and cannot do that without internet... what's more important? Your movie at 9pm at night or me trying to get something done so I don't need to work for someone else? I Will be forced to go back to work for someone else if i don't get this done in time and I do not want to do that, I want to work for my self. Each time i have to stop and go and help someone it puts me another day behind... so far in the past 6 months Ive been asked to help Someone over a months and a halves days worth in work. Day's that I could of been working on My things but was instead helping other in my family do various things. I don't really mind, but i do get frustrated when i cannot do what I need to do.. Especially after everything i do for you all here at home with seemingly now thought about me any my devours. You constantly asked me why i never came around when i had my own place, well there are a number of reason, too far out of the ways / cost's 7 bucks in gas each direction, The internet is terrible, no cell service, I can't have a normal conversation with any of you because none of you have a damn clue what I'm talking about half of the time, Expect me to do thing when i start and get pissed off when i don't do them by VOLUNTEER soo i do not have patience for that. My father allows this women to keep living in his home who he has been trying to get out for more then a year now, but asks all hunky doory about it all the time. She has a trailer on the property to live in and there is perfectly good internet not being used there, She doen't need to be here, shes only making excuses as to why she isn't staying in her trailer, and there is no reason for you two to sleep in the same damn bed each night.. I'm sorry, but i cannot respect someone so two face. it simply disgusts me the way you treat people after your previous GF. She made you the rudest person to eat at a restaurant with, your rude to waiters, and expect way too much out of people, and then the biggest critic then you are not satisfied.. You were never that way growing up, what the hell happened? end rant.

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