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Not completely satisfied

Posted on 1 March, 2019 at 11:55

So I've been reworking my site, in a large way, I haven't worked on my code in quite some time, I have built a bit for the website, but it has taken up a large portion of my time. It is getting to a point now that i can't let it be for a Little while and focus on some of my codes. I'm still not happy with where the site is, but it is Far far better then where it was a week ago. There are still a few things in them that need fixing, so that is going to need to be addressed. All my code is available currently on my page. You kinda gotta dig to get it, but that's kind of on purpose. I don't just want Everyone to have it, although i don't have anything stopping people from doing so while i get help fixing errors and such. I've completed a few tutorials, and there are more that I'm still working on, just haven't posted them yet. I've been looking for other types of things to add also, so if anyone has suggestions, feel free to comment below.



Edit... thats weird... I posted this post and the Your Thoughts post back to back.. how they are 12 hours apart.. I  have no clue... posted them both the exact same way... like it's not even the 2nd's yet... its 915am on the 1st... this one said i posted at 11:55pm.. not right either.. more like 8:55am.

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