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Change Log's

Change logs will remain and any time a change happens from Change Log 2 -> forward will be added at the top for ease of finding. I want to keep a detailed account of all changes and make it viewable by all of you at any given time.


Change log 12: 3/6/2019

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

Been busy building a login system for a group of Game Developers haven't changed much or added much past few day's.

- [Edited] a few minor problems with the home page, run on and repeat sentences.

- [Added] a few more videos.

- [Started] a collaboration build to show off my skills and to have something to show for a portfolio.

Change log 11: 3/3/2019

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

Error correction and bug fixes

- [Changed] where i stored my project and fix links to it.

- [Added} some more data to project page

- [Fixed] some broken links

- [Reached Out] to a number of places seeking help and or work.

- [Changed} fonts most of the pages.

Change log 10: 3/2/2019

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

Adding more, doing some clean up and organization. Building a bunch of PC designs also.

- [Added] a testimonial message sender to the quick links page.

- [Added] contents list to Quick Links.

- [Added] 5 more sites and a few new videos.

- [Added] a brief message on what quick link's is.

- [Added] a page to view up to date pricing's on PC parts and PC builds.

- [Fixed] tutorials page hub link, was actually set to the template not the right page.

Change log 9: 3/1/2019

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

Site Optimization Attempt 2.​

- [Completed] a number of smaller hidden pages.

- [Added] a few things on the tutorials page, Updated and found a way to change the menu list selection.

- [Added] a new template to the gist's list.

- [Added] another 30 sites to the Quick Links page

- [Added] a page for detailed overviews on pc parts called Coretech

- [Added] video's all around the site

Change log 8: 2/28/2019

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

Site Optimization Attempt 1.

- [Completed] the tutorial on editing the Unity templates.

- [Added] 2 templates on their own pages, links to each are on the top of the templates tutorial page.

- [Re-Organized] the Unity Tips page, added some things, and spell checked a bit.

- [Placed] the templates tutorial under Unity tips as it is a Unity tip in the example, although this method could apply to any program install.

- [Changed] colors on home page.

- [Added] a "Linus Tech Tips" page for relevant Linus videos. Not all his video's i like to watch but ones that have important knowledge in PC's I'll post.

- [Changed] header layout, font and colors.

- [Changed] a bit on the about Udemy page.

- [Tried] Different themes, old one has changed still not happy with buttons on top bar, but not many options that work.

- [Grammar] check on the home / about pages in far more detail then any other time.

- [Changed] some details on the Idea's page.

- [Added] a new button to the Ides' page.

- [Changed] some things about the page layouts.

- [Reworked] the tutorial page on PC performance and Tips + tricks on Unity Engine. Renamed it from "Unity Tips"

- [Found} my theme again, although tab buttons are different now, not sure i like.... Annoyed..

- [Grammar] nazi'd my home and about with tash.

- [Contacted by] ChawTechSolutions Could potentially be a promising new business partner. Contracts were discussed, and explained we are currently not ready but come future are Very interested.

- [Added] a forward link to services that I cannot provide myself at this time on the Home Page. AKA ChawTechSolutions possible new partners.

Change log 7: 2/27/2019

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

Got quite a bit done on the first editor tutorial!!!.

- [Added] into the editor tutorial a lot more data, and i added in the links to git hub. some of the stuff i did find to be incorrect or have errors so I'll have to fix that when I'm not so tired, hungry and butt is not so sore.. Hope you guy's like how it's coming along.

- [Cleaned] up the home page a touch more, clarified a few more things, adjusted font size, and more.

- [Hide] the video tutorials pages so i can give them a new layout and rework.

- [Added] more content to the editor tutorials page, small bug a few pix will not load.. Looking into other solution's.

- [Added] a page for templates to use with generating new scripts in unity, a brief explanation that I'll adjust later, still need to add pages for each template for an easier time copy and pasting.

Today was mostly used up helping my grandfather get a new TV, so not a lot was complete.

Change log 6: 2/26/2019

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

Got kicked of the net for a period of time, makes it hard for one to get any work done. time for my own services, and no one else will get to use them here at home.

- [Started] building the first page for the tutorials page for what I've got completed in my save docs.

- [Fixed] a number of links, spelling mistakes, and incorrect data.

- [Posted] first rendition of page 1, more adjustments and uploading the scripts to gist.github id still needed, that's another time though, this alone tool 3.5 hours. Not including the initial write up that took also about 3 hours to do and edit. but wanted to show you an example right away of whats to come.

- [Updated] my resume with some more details.

- [Added] references that apply with up to date phone numbers in my Resume.

- [Added] / [Removed] / [Changed] some more data to Home , updated the warnings as they applied. and moved some data around.

- [Added] fonts to everything on the home page.

- [Added] more data to About page. Reorganized the paragraphs.

- [Added] Developers updates page for any useful updates. I shall post more soon as i find more.

- [Added] my crazy idea's page.

- [Added] 6 new pages, all about my crazy idea's since 2014 or when i built this PC ;)

- [Moved] some data from Home to About, trying to shorten the page.

- [Spell check and Grammar] slight rework on home in a few are's i noticed while moving things around. adjusted to make better sense. will review more again later.

- [Killed Completely] all old services pages. after taking a look they all need a rework of the layout and data, most is inaccurate and needs to be redone anyway. I may or may not make new ones. but from my previous statement of holding onto data for later, I've decided to simple kill them and start over when i am ready too. The Hierarchy was becoming too messy to handle with a bunch of unnecessary pages in the list.

- [Ranted] on the blog, will more then likely remove later.

- [Reworked] the home page moved things around, seems to flow better now.

* To Date: there are 23 new pages this week, and 19 old remain. 4 old were completely reworked, and the rest remain untouched and soon be removed and replaced also. 17 pages were removed and replaced completely and are included in the new count.

Change log 5: 2/25/2019

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

Adding links, pages, building tutorials and more.

  - [Messaged] people on FB: I Shamelessly had to spam messaged a bunch of friends on Facebook to review site, find errors and report back in order to better it for all of you. I thank you all for those who do took the time to do so.

- [Corrected] an incorrect statement on home page, had to reference my bank reference to make sure and i had stated incorrectly so that has been fixed and paragraph reworked.

- [Check] business email. got a message, replied, will update further on what that's all about later.

- [Updated] the new Unity tips page, with quite a bit of data today, will change just more later. still have 2 sections to write up, make picture example fore and so forth.

- [Added] a new Unity Tips page. Currently working on it and will take up a large part of the day.

- Posted all the change log's to the Facebook page for the first time.

- Categorized the change log by year. Not that had anything in other years that I documented, but setting up for future posts. If I do find something or remember something later, i have a place to put it and a formula to follow now.

- [Added] another dozen or so links to links page. total now sits at 135 and counting.

Note* For the family members: Going to have a page with our family tree's if i can, haven't figured out how just yet or if i can, but i just thought of it now.

Change log 4: 2/24/2019

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

Changed the gallery layout now I'm gunna take a nap now, but later I'll be updating the way I execute the tutorial pages

- Blogged for a change.

- [Built] the new quick links page.

- [Removed] all side links off sides of a lot of the pages, moved them to the new "QuickLinks" page.

- [Removed] some redundant pages that no longer were working fully and or were pointless. That was mainly the tutorials linkage page.

- [Cleaned] up the main page for the EditorWindow Tutorials page, in preparation to post the first tutorial.

- [Hide] my button tab to my profile, there is a link to it in Employee's Page.

- [Updated} my profile somewhat, will more later, for now it is suffice.

- [Updated] the about page, did some minor editing, some things were not making English, and you could tell things were just slapped together.

- [Updated] the 'About Udemy' page, edited, organized and cleaned up a few things.

- [Updated] a few more thing's on home page for, colors and sizing of text. Trying to add Donation button/working on setting up a new paypal just for this site.

- [Changed] how the employee's page layout works.

- [Changed] the 'Gallery' and all the images have been reorganized. Set up for easy additions in the future.

- [Changed] the log's page layout and how I'm going to continue to execute it.

- [Changed again] the page that display's my scripts for public correction and review. Made it easier to understand what the page's purpose is.

- [Added] a button to my profile, and made the button no longer visible via the menu's.

- [Added] a 'Teacher's Appreciation' page, and a profile for each teacher I've used and truly enjoy learning from. Within each profile there are buttons to each of their courses, and their profile, that mine mirrors.

- [Added] a button to my resume inside my profile, no longer on the home page.

- [Added] some more details to the home page.

- [Added] over 100 new links to the Quick links page from the previous side bar style. Categorized and ready for adding many more.

- [Added] a project page.

- {Added} a About Udemy page, describing the course that i started on.

- [Added] an Idea's Pages, for any Idea's i wanna share.

- [Added] a page to display my core package temporarily.

- [Added] button links to all the new pages.

- [Removed] button for my resume off the home page.

- [Removed] all personal placed buttons on top of my page as i couldn't make them scale nicely.

Change log 3: 2/23/2019​

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

So more tinkering was done, more to follow.

 - [Organized] button links on the WST EditorWindow page to have a better layout and "feel".

- [Added] a whole bunch of new button links to new sites on the WST EditorWindow page. Going to use it as the next template to update the others. When adding i didn't realize i was on the Editor one and not the template. So the template now needs to be updated or replaced LOL.oops.

- [Changed] the blog's page to have sections.

- [Removed] all video's off of YouTube from previous projects in preparation of what's to come. Left 1 personal video up of a bike trip a few years ago.

- [Moved] Udemy course overview. out of my resume and into it's own page. Planning to keep it up to date with the right links to the current course as it is the top pick course for Basic Entry.

- [Moved] all the tutorials for unity 4.6 + 5 and Arma2/3 for easier access.

*Note: Will be reorganizing all of that too, merging the "duplicate" types so it is just by version not a bunch of different sections for each version like before. I want to all more current versions and more tutorial video link's so this will need to be done in order to keep everything clean and tidy.

- Posted samples of all the code i am currently working on in hopes to get it reviewed, edited and ready for finalization.

- [Got Rights] to use ReacTj music also within a final build product and not sell via a pack. Had also requested that recognition of copyright is essential for the protection of creativity and the development of culture.

- [Asked a friend] in the media industry to build me a new header/banner for my page and Facebook. They accepted. Once i speak with him further, I'll more then likely set up forwarding links to his business and webpage if he would like me too.

Change log 2: 2/22/2019

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

Site is still used for personal use but working towards changing that now.

- [Changed] the whole home page around.

- [Changed] the layout of the menu's.

- [Changed] the main focus of the site, making it actually worth going too.. that is of course if you are a Unity developer using C#.

- [Changed] base layout because pages were not able to be reached because the GUI was covering other buttons preventing you from pushing some of the tutorial sections links.

- [Changed] a few page layouts, tidied up the look and spell checking.

- [Changed] the title from ZeredaGames - Thamas Bell to ZeredaGames & Co. (Trying to not be solo)

- [Added] a better about section, placing it on home rather then on it's own. Idea based on cypto-currency whitepaper style.

- [Added] a bunch of new data about the business plan and where I currently sit, added more background information's.

- [Added] some new images to the gallery.

- [Added] all post off FV and removed for better cleanup.

- [Added] Blog's to the site.

- [Clean Up] the button layout on a few pages.

- [Create] templates to use across all newer pages to keep everything looking the same in the future.

- [Create] Started creating templates for the tutorials and also started writing up some tutorials, these will be posted upon completion.

- [Blocked] Closed off or hid pages I am not currently using. there is still data in there I'd like to keep so I've just made then inaccessible to all of you as id doesn't apply to you or I at this time.

- [Updated] Contact information.

- [Updated] Udemy course overview.

- [Updated] Change log's, thought up the idea of keeping track of whats changed, deprecated and why.

- [Removed] Access to all the Services pages, I've put a lock on them as the do not apply to this site at this time, and may or may not be added back. there is a bunch of data i want to keep on them so for now they will remain locked until i figure out what my plans are with them.

Older Updates from Facebook i never added are now here: (still updating this list as it is the initial first update)

- [Got Rights] to use Jay Sparrow's music in a final build game, not to sell in packs on the asset store. Fabulous news and a Huge thank you to Jay for being the first to agree to such a request. This was a month ago, just hadn't posted here on page.

- [Paid for] a Play store developers account costing $25USD or 34.05 CAN for from my understanding lifetime access to my developers account, and in turn they handle all me sales.

- [Set up] a developers account for Unity development, so we can make apps for the app store and testing. still need to pay for the services like Anylistic's and more then 2 seats in Collab but account is initially set up.

- [Been paying for] VistaPrint to keep site up 5.25/ month

- [Been paying for] Adobe Photoshop for a few years now. $15-16/month as it fluctuates with the USD to CAN conversion.

Previous years









Change log 1: (original) 9/9/2015 [found a document for day of creation so this have been corrected]

Here is just a brief overview of what has changed:

*This site is mostly for a personal use, but feel free to use it as an asset location for yourself as well.

•     Tutorials for building video games both 2D and 3D, all from various places across the web.

•     Tutorials on popular video games ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 and All their expansions all nicely organized and easy to navigate.

•     A place for me to showcase my projects, what I've been up to, who I'm following, and my own Free asset store of all items found in my projects.

•     Anything I decide to bookmark on my PC goes in a category, 'website' and 'non-website', the 'non's' are just site not suitable for the site or have nothing to do with my site and the website file is for anything on here, once on here I remove it from my PC and it is on here forever. Website costs $45/year for basic so I can't see any reason for ever getting rid of it, maybe someday I'll use it for other purposes, but for now its all for playing around and leaning how to use Vista-prints system. (Quite easy for me)

•     A place to add suggestions and to find an organized set of video .

•     Also I offer many other side services for those in MY area and for those who would like more information when they ask me, I can just send them here.

I didn't think adding every page I wanted to save to my bookmarks was efficient or a 'safe' place to keep them. I've lost quite a few over the years. due to PC failures and what-have-you.

-Reason for building site, was for a secondary backup system for data and so I have an organized location for all my assets for game building in one place on the web all for:

- in cases of a stolen PC

- it crashes

- I want to share with others.

I hope my site is easy to understand and easy to navigate through, and suggestions on change is always appropriated. negative feedback.. I'll put a page Strictly for that for all to see, otherwise it will be deleted.. and I won't spend the time adding it to the other pages... sorry.