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Chief Executive Officer,
Core Manager,  Producer
, Employee.
Chief Executive Officer

Founder of the company and creator of the idea.

Here to help you with any Unity question, and point you where you need to go. My goal is to build to a very simple to use guild on how to use Unity to it's fullest potential,
help other's find alternatives if Unity isn't for them, and more.

To learn more about me head over to my profile.
 I'll reply to any of your messages on facebook.

PS. I am up at un-godly hours of the day and night, so try and catch me while you can ;)

About us


We Are Here To Help!

We at Zereda Games, truly enjoy game building, and Unity makes it easy, but it has a massive learning curve which we recognize will overwhelm some people. Our goal is to fast track this learning curve, so people can, in turn, create and sell some of their assets for reasonable prices. Creating a Profit for our users, alongside building a vast library of codes to help everyone to create a better asset library for building their own games and apps.

With many assets to choose from:

- We have a vast collection of very descriptive examples on how to, and how NOT to, use code in Unity. (also where code is acceptable and where is it thought to be unwise)
- We have Tutorials on how to build, maintain, getting the most out a PC,
- We have video's on Tip's and trick on Specific Platforms,
- We are a place to find resources, not only for Unity, but other products as well,
- We have 100's of links to other websites for many types of PC related "Assets".

Partners and sponsors

Group's or people who are:
Currently / Working on participating or partnering
Musician and Local Canadian

Jay sparrow is a musician and local Canadian, who would like to participate by allowing us to add his Music to a completed project or game.

(Is the first person to allow us to include his works in our products)
Musician & Remix Artist

ReacTj, a Reactable Music Remix Artist also has allowed us to use his work in a completed project or game. Since he is a Remix artist of other artists music, He has asked to make sure any and all artist used Including himself be recognized for legalities
Digital Acency

ChawTech Solutions is a Digital Acency Based in India and would like to partner up with us to do the web side of development, so we can focus on the core of our project first.




YouTubers,Game Developers,Teachers

Game Developers first, these guys have a decent following and are open to collaborate with others in the Unity Comunity. The have a discord channel for help with their tutorials and an ongoing Community project. Check them out here.