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Thamas Bell

Founder, Chief Executive Officer,
Core Manager and Producer

At this time, I've got 4 years working quite regularly with unity and most of its version. To date Ive got 11 different versions on my machine, both from my learning process and helping people on Answers. I build computers, set up stereo equipment / TV entertainment systems, repair cellphones as long as there isn't any warranty left or else i wont touch it as i am not certified thus rendering it void but it really is just a micro PC.., I do a lot of photo editing and resource building, and i write a lot of code in C#. Ive done all sorts of jobs starting at McDonalds, bartending, beer store attendant, framer, dishwasher/prep cook, mainline pipe-lining for sewer and water, and more. I'm a person with many talents. English writing and grammar.. not so much.