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   Here I'll Post link's to my various idea's, date them, and all will be raw unedited, unfiltered data. Each will have it's own page for organization. So we can see how i progress or degrees with my organization skills with time. This is because there is a crap load of data, and fitting it all on one page would require one to scroll a down a very long page.. *cough* my core scripts. Anyway, if you like some of my idea's and would like to use them, just give credit to me in w/e the project is, where you found it, and who's idea it was to begin with aka mine. I do not ask for anything in return. I don't have a donation's feature set up yet, but have most certainly though of adding one. and more then likely there will be various ways to do so.

[ I have been into the cryto scene, and do have a multitude of various cryto wallets, and paypal is in the works of being set up. Any of these options once sec up will always be under the discretion of the donator. No set donation price.. Although, Cryto does have a minimal fee you have to pay the system Not Me, before you can cent it to me. that fee is part of what you donate. Kinda why I've held off adding my wallets deposit link ]