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Ongoing Project: Pokemon World

- A Ruby-Sappire-Emerald (clone) on Unity

What I'd like to do is make a game on unity, similar to the game boy versions RBY, GSC, RSE as I like the feel of those originals better then say the newer touch hand held devices. Maybe I'm just partial to my childhood, but those were games I truly loved as a kid. My nephews are getting to the age where they too are getting into Pokemon and have been playing my old games. The Idea I had though up was to get all 810 Pokemon in all their forms so about 3445 Pokomon in total, and build the Pokemon world as they are designed in games, But have every single story line in 1 game. Starting from the beginning with a slightly altered version of RBG-Y where you are not Ash, you have him as a rival and same with Gary, You would have a new house below the original player home and the original would be ash's home. The story would be a similar story to the original, you would work your way to the top and upon completion, the player has to move to Johoto for some reason (Undecided just yet how) and start all over. You would play through the GSC story as it were normally. When you get to the point to return to Kanto it unlocks new content from GSC, your original Mons and Online mode in full. Maybe incorporate things like "Oh #PlayerName#, Welcome Back! it's been ages!" in some places and what not.After completing the first story-line, a player would have unlocked more features in the online mode and the next land mass. Online mode would starting out with only chat and being able to do online story quests. but Trading and battling would be locked for 1 story. After that you can choose which story to do next.

Below is a list of the order of unlocks


And I want to use a similar story arch to the Light Platinum Hack where the land mass Zerry is the center connecting all other land mass' together. This land mass could be used as an unlockable area to players. This area could be a online area to chat, trade, battle, all with other players online, and as an added bonus it may have it's own side quests that are only accessible in online mode. To make things easier it would be the only multiplayer map. All other land mass's would be a standalone game style.
Not sure I want to do these as well?
        //                Holon,
        //                Almia,
        //                Burenn,
        //                Orre,
        //                Fiore,
        //                Oblivia,
        //                TGCIslands,
        //                RGIslands,
        //                TropicalIsland,

Basic Starting code

Here is some of the code I have so far but is not complete. I have lot's more but am not sharing it all.