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Message to Youtuber's Idea:

Idea Date: 9/9/2015

To whom this may concern.
Please reply ASAP if interested in my FREE Offer.

The offer:
I'm making a web page wile doing a course On-line and had an idea that would be
A. useful to me as an asset and
B. useful to many others.

Reason I'm Messaging you:
To get permission from you to add a small link on my page (or many on my pages deepening if your a Tutorial-est.)
I cant add any of Your links unless you say so, or it's not legal. Even if its free. Silly huh?
This is my brief documentation stating that I asked your permission. If no reply, no link added.

The Idea:
I'd like to categorize videos from YouTube that I find and instead of Just bookmarking them for myself to reference too,
make them into a website for people to use, add too, give suggestions, and have its own local forum.
With the course I'm doing on www.Udemy.com (Found off YouTube commercials) it requires a decent PC and a lot of Processing power.
I'm afraid if I lose my PC for some odd reason I'm afraid of Losing my bookmarks.. (I have hundreds)
I'm still in process of building my own site and learning how to do it at the same time, so more features to come..
for now it's just a categorized video hub and sprite image hub.

This site is not up and running at this current moment. but will be shortly.
Made using vista-print.

I'm offering this free of charge for my use Mainly and maybe yours? the thought process was simple for my purposes but
for you it offers You to have a free service of getting more views. going to try it for a year it cost me $45 Canadian.

Thank you for your time to read my message,
Zereda Games - Thamas Bell

reply to:
[email protected]
Thamas Bell on Facebook