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Was written in form of a message to my sister i never completed..

Idea Date: 9/7/2015

="   "     "  "    "  "    "    "  "     "    "  ".means same as above

Ok Id rather just explain in person... but its a small restaurant idea or eatery to give you a brief idea.
I'd like it to be small, and only consist of a small kitchen with a walk fridge, we can put a deep freeze within.

All our food supplies and pre-cooked stuff in there as well, and in kitchen only what is needed to cook the food.
have at lease a warning for it being hot or covers to put over them if hot.. test with oven MIT. don't use if hot..
that sorta crap.. but yeah just maybe a dish pit(dish rack on one side and 2 Sinks is needed 3 would be nice),
and a dishwasher, (could use a house hold and only use rinse cycle and only hook Hot water to it..)
Items we need:
    -Household stove=1 to get started 2 or 3 would be efficient(Depending on what Rick has in mind, I only need 1...)
    -Household fridge=milks and sauces maybe what your working on needs to stay cold and its small.
     for convenience and better storage space!
    -10 frying pans,
        = -4 bigger=new Teflon is nice to work with if taken care of properly,
          -6 smaller="   "     "  "    "  "    "    "  "     "    "  ".
    -3 of each (Teflon with WOODEN Handles! Plastic melts)
        = -spoons="   "     "  "    "  "    "    "  "     "    "  ".
          -spatulas="   "     "  "    "  "    "    "  "     "    "  ".
          -brushes="   "     "  "    "  "    "    "  "     "    "  ".
          -tongs (Short,medium)="   "     "  "    "  "    "    "  "     "    "  ".
    -3 of each (Wooden)
        = -Long length handle spoons,
          -Medium length handle spoons,
          -Short length handle spoons.
    -1 Extra long wooden handle spoon for soups.
    -a dozen assorted Metal tongs prefer with Teflon tips......
     I wanna cut costs of having to buy new stuff All the time..
    -up front I need:
     -at least 1 rotisserator oven to cool a baron of beef each day.
      hint: "chicken I'd like to do same way but what could be stove cooked(Baked) to start and fried as needed..."
     -an assembly line like subway with till at end. you can run till help with dishes or prep
      (W.e you hand and wrist can handle why I'm thinking till works best help out where ever.)
     -Vegg Id like to have:
      -Green Pepper,
      -Red onion,
      -White onion,
      -Yellow, Red, and Orange Pepper mix,
      -Banana peppers,
      -2 large lettuce,
      -black olives,
      -chipotle chillies.
        -Pre sliced sandwich cheese
        -Grated Marble cheese,
        -Grated cheese Home mix: This is my own it's amazing on ANYTHING!-if you like cheese.
            -Old fort cheddar Cracker-Barrel = main filler,
            -Mozzarella whatever brand.... Cracker-Barrel = main filler same as cheddar,
            -Herb and Garlic Cracker-Barrel = half amount of cheddar,
            -JalapeƱos Cracker-Barrel = half amount of cheddar,
            -Smoked Gouda from a super-market = small amount 1/3 of the cheddar used,
            -German Butter cheese from a super-market = small amount 1/3 of the cheddar used,
            -any other fillers found at a super-market = 1/6 of cheddar.
        -Helmans Mayo,
        -MyricalWhip -for those who like it...,
        -get Rick to come of with a nice sweat onion teriyaki,
        -I'm going to get Bruce to make me a hot-sauce -House Sauce,
        -Franks Red Hot,
        -HP sauce,
        -BBQ original,
        -BBQ Honey Garlic,
        -Chipotle hot Sauce
        -sour cream.
Anything else you can think of add it.. I need yo talk in person to explain how small of a space and layout ideas..