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Other thing's I've thought of doing also.:

   - Start a live teaching page where teacher's can upload mini problem's for students to solve in a time frame.
   - Make a banner for the company FB page,
   - Add new idea's here

Unity Live Challenges:

My question's on Unity Answers:

  *-  Bellow's write up is copied and pasted of another site. will update and change it to be more accurate to the site then it currently is, but there is a lot of information within it so not sure and post.

Warning : Below needs to be edited

Micro Challenges for Unity, should it be created?

<b>Question:</b>  *Updated some more details on the idea and explanation.*

Since this section of UnityWeb is only for **Question** and **Answers**, Has anyone thought up the idea of micro challenges yet (*Live Testing*)? And if so, <b>why</b> doesn't it exist yet?


<b>The Idea:</b>

Basically the person asking the question Would be giving out basic micro challenge Not a question, but purposely broken.(*Something that needs to be solved*) Then ask others to compete in script building for points and scores. Similar to this, but in a much faster pace environment managed intentionally. There also could be different sections for different languages handled on Unity.



<b>More explanation was needed:</b>

Well I'd like it to be more of a basic form of the *Question*. Reading lengthy question's that sometimes are just because the questioner doesn't know how to use the Engine. Unity API has limited examples, (*Manuals are useful kids*) but they don't give the best ways to use all of their stuff.. so you result in people coming here (*Very Regularly!!*) asking the same question worded differently. It is very useful to get live opinion's and such, about how to change you code or why it isn't working, but it isn't useful for looking up solutions to your problem 50% of the time. That being said, I FULLY understand they have enough thing on their hand's then to work on that. Plus they are constantly giving us new thing to work with in the editor. (*Thanks guy's/gal's @UnityDevelopment*) That alone would be a full time job to handle, let alone edit in a bunch of examples on their API. These questions I am referring to *creating* could be linked instead of example (*for ones that are missing that is*) otherwise the examples they have would remain but a shortcut link to more examples could be provided. So I say, let intelligent Unity users come up with cleaver way's to do something but make one minor error on purpose (*like in school*) and ask others to solve the problems. The Question is posted for a set amount of time (*set by the teacher and can be adjustable in cases that their question is a more difficult one*) and then sent to the teachers inbox on timeout* When They are not busy, (*as this is all volunteer*), and if they are more or less bored..

This would be a great tool for students in Udemy class' using Unity. Actual examples of how and why you would do thing in such a manor and not just *Ones opinion*. The people asking the Questions, would be classified as a teacher where everyone else is a student. Commenting (*answering*) would be aloud by student and Only teachers can correct them and post problems. Teachers could do a somewhat entry level test to become a teacher, and proceed, or a student could acquire merits for correct answers, after <b>X</b> amount correct Answers,  they would be offered the ability to become a teacher but not made one, they would be classed as a mediator and have similar permissions to teachers but couldn't post questions.


Also When someone is wrong, don't demerit them, the  person obviously needs more explanation on what is going on as they clearly doesn't understand the question well enough. Answers will be posted for the students to review and see if they were right or wrong and find out why. The teacher can mark answers as correct (*giving a merit*) to the student and correcting the wrong answers. Doing this under <b>X</b> amount of Time, or correct Answer is declared by a preset (*Preset would: automatically setting it to the Right <b>Answers</b> section, awaiting further marking by the teacher, but is still viewable by others to view but not comment on*), would make it so the teacher doesn't have a butt load to mark. Again this is volunteer. Furthermore, if the question is not valid, other teachers can remove them and unity personal can pick which ones they would like to link in the next version of their API site's.


<b>How this would work:</b>



 1. [Teachers]: Ask the questions, mark the answers. each post is a limited amount of time to answer before being archived and stored away.

 2. [Mediators]: Students who have the ability to be a teacher if so choose, but cannot post Questions.*Can swap back and forth with a setting in a profile someplace on your account for unity*

 3. [Students]: Answer the questions before they are closed, *Live Testing* search the archive for examples to use in their project.


<b>How this differs:</b>

 - No one looses merits only gain's,
 - large resource can be created quite quickly, slowing the non related question here,
 - All of the *Closed* Questions from here can be merged and archived as-well in another section, but once reopened removed, and placed back here not the new section.
 - Forums would be able to flow as well and be used more as a place to discuss, and share but would remain is as always did, this is just an extension to the Unity Site.


<b>Who Do we talk to:</b>

How do we get something like this going, who do we talk to, and who likes this idea? *Maybe with enough <b>buzz</b> we can attract attention.*



With a vast collection of micro challenges in it's own section,  it could work side by side with Answers and Forums. Subdividing it even further and more specific. This would help Vastly with the questions that are lengthy, multiple question and so forth.


Le'me know what you all think of the idea and how i could suggest this to some Unity Crew.