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Tutorial's in written form, up-to-date with current Unity:

   - Many thing's in here do not apply, more based around U Answer's then here so a new formula will be thought up. This layout worked well with the UAnswers page but i'm Unsure if i can do it in a similar fashion on my own page, or if i'll have to come up with a similar but different method for my own page.
   - Came to the conclusion that no one want's this on UAnswer's so I'll make it myself on my own page so no one has to be of bothered over there.

Tutorial's Template idea:


***[Solved]How do i  ...  for my project? Using C#.***

                               Gotcha!, But not really.

<b>Shooting for good form</b>

Reason I did this, is so people get a better understanding of how and how-not to use the [Q&A][1] section of this site. Below is the answer to this question, but I also wanted to explain a few things about this site that no one else seems to read...<b> ~EVER~</>. (*defeating the point of this section and why unity developers created it. Furthermore, it have been ongoing for many years now in this way.*)

I've devised a plan that could become quite useful. I'm going to keep this short part, but I also would like to know others opinion's on both this link [Here][2], and the way i have laid out my example(s) on this page. If you dislike it, then it will be my only 1, otherwise, let's talk.


    I Placed the answer directly below this box so you can get the answer to your question without scrolling too far, but please do read the bottom afterwords, it has a lot of info.


<b>The Answer:</b>

Before we continue, I should add, I am following an older method that has never failed me yet in unity and up to the most current version *2018 3.3f1 is what I used to build this tutorial* They have added a few new things to Unity in the most recent version's, but these methods still apply up to now. you can use the new methods in pair with the old method's to get the same andor similar result. If you are having trouble with the CreateAssetMenu attribute to create an object by a button in the create menu, then I use this method instead, to insure i can create my assets from 2 places and still give you the same result, this just gives you more flexabitly.

Here are a hand full of quick links on this subject more further.

[link text][38]

[link text][39]

[link text][40]

[link text][41]

[link text][42]

[link text][43]

[Not much info here but this is the CreateAssetMenu API][7]

link to other attributes image example.

[Link here][45]
   ///Do Answer

More on attributes,

Thanks for your time to any and all who spent the time reading this and possibly checking out some links. I want to make a change to unity in a big way and I think some of the things in this post would help.

@zereda-games (Thamas Bell on [FB][36] Founder of ZeredaGames & Co. - a business plan designed around Unity and building games with others, and me being the organizer/one of the coders.)

Download Link to the Example Scripts Here and a template of this example Here.

<b>Message at the bottom:</b>

Many people come on here and ask a lot of the same questions worded in different way's. The questioner never read the [FAQ][3] first, and they always get told to change something about their question because it is too difficult for someone to answer. Doing pages like this one is really actually a no, no, and will be my only one.

<b>This is for those of you who are unsure on how to edit these questions.</b>

\/ *this is a photo* \/{
}/\ *this is a photo* /\

<b>Also can use do these:</b> (*which I use*)

    *without " " ' s*



    "<"code">"Puts in a block of code like  "So" "<"/code">"



  Puts in a block of code like  So
 - ***First*** thing I will add is: Unless you know for 100% certain on an answer, always comment first, the questioner will mark you as correct if it is.
 - ***Second:*** if your question is too vague, you will be asked to display more details but us. We cannot help you if we cannot see what you looking to do and what the actual outcome of your problem is.
 - ***Third:*** If you question is to argumentative or controversial, head over to the forums, your question will be ignored. *By Experience*
 - ***Forth:*** Be as descriptive as you can and display as many details as you can. *Code, Images, Picture -Examples, and so forth.*
 - ***Fifth:*** Use code blocking, Link here for more on that.
 - ***Sixth:*** Update your questions, and mark questions as correct when solved. *don't forget to close the question once solved.*
 - ***Seventh:*** Stating your experience level really helps. *if an amateur is trying to help an intermediate, they could both just be drawing at stick for hour's*
 - ***Eighth:*** Always be respectful of other's, this isn't a place to argue and act like children, this will get you suspended and or deleted.
 - ***Ninth:*** Stating your language, may help in part of miss-communication, although not many translators are the greatest.

<b>Further Notes:</b>

I wanted to help a user make an editor window because it is my thing and I've done a lot of them. no my way is not the best way, but I provide dozens of examples on how to achieve this goal in a very pretty fashion. Also make it user friendly to the user using your editor window's weather that is you, yourself or your partners in a build.*Maybe you looked up this question because you want to make assets for unity asset store and want to make them better*

<b>Here are many good links:</b>

[Moderator Guidelines][4]

[Knowledge Base][5]

[When Should A Question Be Closed][6]

[Why I can't close some questions][7]

[How to get more views on questions?][8]

[What can we do to improve the quality of UnityAnswers?][9]

[How can we as users get the most out of UnityAnswers?][10]

[How do you format scripts in UnityAnswers?][11]

[How to put image in this UnityAnswer][12]

[How to delete a question that isn't mine][13]

[How to Comment on a Question?][14]

[Unity Interview questions][15]

[I'd like to delete my UnityAnswers account][16]

[Where can I find my subscribed questions on unity answers][17]

[Where can I find my subscribed questions on unity answers?][18]

[IP Banned from Unity Forums?][19]

[Is Closing Questions Disabled/Removed?][20]

[How can I contact a Unity Forum admin? (Banned and accused of spamming)][21]

[how do I find my answers][22]

[I cant find my questions!][23]

[How do I contact Answers administrator?][24]

[How can I see who my unity-answers followers are?][25]

[Why does no one answer these questions?][26]


[Why those who ask questions don't replay or vote or comment for answers !][27]

[You have insufficient privileges to post here][28]

[How do I stop paying Unity][29]

[why my question has been deleted?][30]

[C# how to make a script talk to a Coroutine in another script][31]

[Formatting Text][32]

[Best practices for posting code?][33]

[Why are the forum post formatting capabilities so poor?][34]  *It have gotten better as you can see*

***About Me:***

**ZG Info:**

**Main Contact:** [ZeredaGames Company Facebook Page][36] - Linked to my phone via messenger
for most of the time instant messaging unless I am asleep, phone is off and/or
I'm not on my PC and my phone dead. Set up this way for ease to you guy's. if you do not have Facebook, no not fear I have other contacting ways, they just may not be as quick.

**Other means of Contact:**

 - @zereda-games - (on Unity web aka Answers, forums, development and so forth)

 - [email protected], - (Google Play account used for games, but has recently replaced my

 - [email protected], - (Google Play 2, use in pair with one above.)

 - [email protected], - (website email account, hardly check.)


 - [email protected] - ( Used for VS only more then likely won't receive but in an emergency for w.e reason here it is.)

 - [email protected], - (Old deprecated - DO NOT USE)
~here to make sure you know I have the ownership of that email too but no access at this time.
so make sure your using gmail as no one will ever reply to you by Hotmail but one does exist.
This may change, it may not, hoping yes as it was for 15 years my main email for everything under the sun.

getting recovery on some things now is impossible~

<b>My Webpage:</b> (*kinda out of date, been too busy with other things to maintain*)

 - [[email protected]][37]

  [1]: https://answers.unity.com/index.html
  [2]: https://answers.unity.com/questions/1603581/micro-challenges-on-unity-awnsers-is-that-a-thing.html
  [3]: https://answers.unity.com/page/faq.html
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