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Learning about EditorWindow's

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My Unity Answers Write-up in actual used has been pasted here, and about half way down, in case you wanted to know how i made it the way that it is. I removed it from Answers.

Presented to you by ZeredaGames & Co.

PS. all My links are to public gist's on github for your convenience.

Lets start by learning how EditorWindow's Work and how do we make them? * Partial completion

Creating Assets for our EditorWindow

I use a lot of ScriptableObjects to have my data viewed and saved within an EditorWindow.

EditorWindow Layout

Lets learn how to keep out EditorWindow clean and tidy for editing and adding things in.

EditorWindow Modification

Now that were at this step, we can now learn about how we are going to use our EditorWindow to manage a simple music list asset.

Using the Asset at Runtime

Once we have the asset in file and are able to change it, it now would be a good time to learn how to use these assets if you do not know already how.

Questions and details

2 links, One for me on Answers, and two for my new company page on Facebook.

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